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Isn’t it interesting how time flies when you’re having fun. June 2020 marked 5 years since I started this blogging journey. I have gone through various stages of my personal and professional life alongside this platform, what a relationship.


How about we address the elephant in the room. But where do I start, do I start from a year ago when I was a full time employee whilst in my final year of my BA studies or fast forward to mid year this year. Let’s do the former. This year was a gap year anyway.

So last year after 4 years of this journey I got an offer to become a social media executive in one of the local agencies. At the time I was in my final year of my bachelor degree studies. I won’t lie, up to this I am still humbled and filled with gratitude by the opportunity/platform. I oversaw some of the biggest social media accounts that I wouldn’t have dared dreamed I would before that. My eyes are now open around a lot of things. My passion for digital marketing has been cemented. I got exposed to the dynamics of adulthood. Now I move with intention and caution ever since then.

I have managed to finally finish off what has been one of my ultimate dreams. As you read this, I am a graduate of Bachelor of Arts (Economics & Statistics) from the University of Botswana. I am no longer an undergrad student like last time I was here, how crazy is that! Despite looking into getting into corporate now, I have since then also established a digital marketing agency, Dash Digital.

Dash Digital is one of my passion projects where I get to service our clients mainly in social media management. I help businesses of any scale to build an online presence by creating content for them. Be it images, commercial videos and copy writing for their platform. On top of that, we manage the accounts, ensuring that all enquiries are responded to on time. Subsequently, enhancing the chances of engagement being converted to sales. As a cherry on top, I have ‘partnered’ with one of the best creatives in graphic design where we get to turn briefs into visual masterpieces. Be it a logo, company profile, business card, flyer and so on and so forth, we got that covered. I am looking forward to welcoming a couple of new clients. I would like to see Dash Digital offering someone else an opportunity to learn and nurture their passion for digital marketing just like what my previous employers did with me whilst I was a student. Most importantly I would like to see businesses engaging with their customers online, leveraging on the opportunity that these digital platforms comes along with through agencies like us.

Fast forward to the third quarter of this year, I have enrolled for masters degree studies. I am now a candidate reading towards a degree of Master of Arts (Economics). Besides my general keen interest in this field, something that stems from way back when I was a teenager I am also happy with how this program is structured. My schedule allows me to do anything and everything under the sun till late into the evening where I then have to attend lectures. So far so good.

That being said, what’s next with my blogging career. Fortunately, the journey continues. I think the platform has become more than just an outlet for me to express myself. With a lot going on around the world, I pledge to offer this space to experts for us to learn more about various issues. I pledge to create space for people to share with us. Over and above that, I pledge to offer a one stop platform for young adults like me who are transitioning into career men and women, home owners, parents and spouses. I hope you find all of that interesting and worthwhile.

Thank you for reading this far. I appreciate the support that I have gotten over the years. It definitely goes unnoticed. Please keep reading commenting and sharing. It keeps me going.

Till next time, cheers and enjoy the rest of the remaining days of this nightmare of a year.

(virtual hug)



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