Lost Co

In a world that tends to be ruled by societal expectations (i.e. go through basic education, tertiary and find a 9-5 job), it can be difficult to find your foot if you’re yearning for more than just that.

As a child you probably won’t feel the energies more. Well it might be because most of the time everybody randomly says what they want to be when they grow up. At times “I want to be a business (WO)man as well” might be thrown a bit to spice things up.

Fast forward to that time between High School and after tertiary you might realise that you are way more than just seating on a desk from (9-5).

These are some of the signs that you might be an Entrepreneur:

  1. YOU HUSTLE– You will always try to balance things out. Trying to make ends meet from every corner of where your passion lies. Waking up hungry and ready to fuel your energy towards a business.
  1. YOU ARE MISUNDERSTOOD– Everybody is unique however there is something extra-ordinary about Entrepreneurs. They are always misunderstood because they fail to fall within the ordinary people’s bracket. Some people might fail dismally, insinuating the worst of you.
  1. YOU ARE USUALLY LOST IN YOUR OWN WORLD– You live in a world of possibilities. Every venture you viably think of seem to be worth chasing for, and THAT’S OKAY.
  1. USUALLY DISMISSED– You will pitch some of your ideas to people and they’ll dismiss you. Remember you live in a world of possibilities. Inevitably, you’ll encounter people who won’t understand where you’re coming from and headed. Side note: That shouldn’t discourage you nonetheless.
  1. YOU PERSEVERE– You will be dismissed but you would rather persevere. It might not work out in the initial season but the fire in you will keep burning. And like any veld fire, it’ll cover up your soul so much that you get back to pursue the dream despite having encountered a setback, initially.
  1. IN ISOLATION MOST OF THE TIME- At times you won’t be present at everything. You’ll spend some time secluded, lost within your thoughts, coming up with new ideas. You’ll be up at odd hours, just like a uni student trying to pass that exam just so they wear the gown.
  1. YOU ARE A PROBLEM SOLVER– Of course you have to be a problem solver. Entrepreneurs are those folks who look out to fill the gaps (READ THAT AS SOLVE PROBLEMS) that exists within the society. But the ultimate goal is to manipulate the situation by earning some profit from that gap.
  1. YOU ARE a RISK TAKER- You are willing to take chances in the hopes that you’ll have a return. Reality is, it might not always work out but that is one great quality about you ought to cherish. You will be able to bounce back, ready to move onward and forward with, this time, another venture.
  1. YOU LIKE TO CHALLENGE STATUS QUO – You seem uncultured.



  1. YOU ARE ALWAYS CURIOUS- You always asking questions wherever you are. Most of them will be about business administration. Some people might think you snooping around. But if you happen to meet those that are open minded about sharing the business side of every path you’d like to take, cherish that.


This list is without a doubt, non-exhaustive but these are the basic signs that you might be an Entrepreneur. It however doesn’t mean you have to blindfold yourself from the reality of life. The path to the ultimate destination won’t be glamorous. Be prepared for that. The world is your oyster.



Photography: Lost Co


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